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My goal was to entertain and to leave each child and/or parent checking into theater programs to ‘feel the fun’ straight out of the gate. I handled everything top to bottom on this WordPress site using the Divi theme, which allows for building each page custom rather than using a predefined template. This allowed me to design each page specifically around the content, and not the other way around. The client said she liked her previous colors, but I also knew her favorite color was purple so I combined that idea with the night sky, which tied in perfectly with some of the imagery I had to work with, especially the Star Wars scene, and the overall look of the site was established. I edited the main hero images, selecting them from their backgrounds and placing each on a custom ‘star field’ background for visual appeal, drawing a loose connection between stars in the night sky and becoming a star on stage. I removed the sidebar altogether and found a better way for testimonials to display, both on the homepage but also giving them a dedicated page. I also moved some of the wordy text to a ‘Benefits’ page, and created a ‘Staff’ page because entrusting your child to someone else’s care is at the heart of this business, something missing from the previous website. I edited all the photos in the gallery, and purposefully have them set to load randomly so it doesn’t seem like some photos or children in the photos are considered favorites. I even brought the fun to the ‘Contact’ page! The client’s previous site used a table to display available classes, however tables leave much to be desired in a responsive framework, so I modernized the classes to display as cards in the masonry style much like Pinterest. It works much better that the like information is now succinct and will be much easier to review on a cell phone screen. The client was not interested in incorporating SEO.

The site in full can be viewed at